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theatre Feb 2016

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It is our birthday! We are celebrating 40 years of performance work at Llandovery Theatre!

We invite all past actors, artists, colleagues and friends of the Theatre to join in the celebrations at our beautiful Llandovery Theatre to see the premiere showing of THE TAMING OF THE SHREW – our youth actors’ film ‘shot’ in 2003-5 – and now miraculously awakened from its slumber.

Do join us at
Llandovery Theatre,
Stone Street SA20 0DQ
The Date: Saturday September 15th
Doors open for Welcome 1 p.m.
The time: Film Premiere 3 p.m.

This is a one-off film performance to celebrate our birthday, and we are so hoping that many youth actors and friends who have worked with us on our past productions will join with us for a splendid re-union.

Everyone is welcome! There is no charge! It is free for all!

Watch The trailer;

Welcome to Llandovery Theatre 

We discovered this ‘treasure’ in 1975, when it was in poor health, decaying and near derelict. We fell in love with it, and despite warnings of  ‘you’ll never do it’  we gathered round us a small team of stalwarts and began building work, producing Festivals and writing plays.  With no funding from the Arts Councils, local authority or lottery, it was to take 20 years to complete the theatre, though creative work continued throughout, and is ongoing to the present day .  (See Theatre History)

Our DRAMA WORKSHOPS with a group of young performers, who have disabilities, are proving happy and exciting.  (See Drama Workshops)


Richard Booth – King of Hay – read Simon’s book, and immediately offered to promote it as the ‘lead’ book at his King of Hay Bookshop, Hay-on-Wye, throughout Spring and Summer. He also read the book to his wife Hope, who is blind, and she sent us a splendid review of the book, which you can read on Horatio Nelson ‘s Blog. together with other reviews our Theatre Cat has personally received about the book.

Simon Barnes – actor, writer, founder and creator of the Llandovery Theatre, wrote countless wonderful plays and scripts for the Llandovery Theatre Company, working with professional, community and youth actors.  He left this one novel and it is now obtainable at the King of Hay Bookshop, Hay-on-Wye or via Amazon.

(Read all about: Darkly Flows the Taff )

Llandovery Theatre Company survives and thrives by writing and producing its own work, and with the support and affection of its young actors and performers.

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We welcome all interest, support and friendship. Do contact us.

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What they are writing about Llandovery Theatre:

                        Beautiful and atmospheric – preserve at any price ..

  ‘Possibly the most beautiful small Theatre and Arts Centre in the Kingdom’

Llandovery is a small market town in the upper Towy valley, on the edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales, UK.