Theatre Cat supports the saving of the tiny hedgehog…

Dear Friends and poetry lovers,

I write, today, of poetry!  Sometimes, a poem can speak straight to the heart., and I found this poem – on my window-sill – and thought you might like to read it – it has no title!

This tiny creature –
living amongst leaves in the garden, wandered into the night – adventure seeking, looking for a life-time friend perhaps – something, indeed, all creatures need.

But, man is wild, and in the night rides his horse-power furious fast with lights ablaze that dazzle a slow moving creature, so it knows not which way to turn to escape death.

Someone tried to help – they wrote a booklet
so people could read how best to support and save these creatures from an early death.
But, a big mistake was made!

They wrote the booklet in English
and the powers that rule our lives and tell us what we must think and how we must speak refused to allow the distribution of this book from their National Parks – because this is Wales, and Assembly decrees:
Words writ on paper must be Bi-lingual
and in Welsh.

Better to suppress distribution of this English language booklet, than support the endeavour to save the lives of a threatened species –
the tiny hedgehog!

I puzzle again and again at the decisions of these politicians and search in vain for any signs of a heart!