Horatio Nelson Theatre Cat – A portrait!

Friends, actors, countrymen!

It has been suggested that you would like to see a picture of me – Horatio Nelson – Llandovery Theatre Cat, so here it is!

Horatio in the tower of London

Horatio in the tower of London

Let me explain my portrait.  It may look ancient – indeed the gentleman portrayed beside me was Earl of Southampton in 1603, but this is a copy painted in 2003 by Simon Barnes, my thespian, and in Simon’s copy shown here, I am the cat on the window-sill.

You will note it can be no cat but me!  I am a cat with one eye only, my right eye is blind, an accident at birth!   But, if you are fortunate to have sharp eyesight, you will see in the far corner of the painting, a picture of a little town, and its theatre, our Theatre in Llandovery, not the somewhat depressing picture of the Tower of London which was on the original!

The copy was made for the Theatre Youth Actors film production of The Taming of the Shrew, by William Shakespeare, and it is the gentleman in my portrait who was patron of William Shakespeare – and also another poet named Barnabe Barnes.

So you see, my thespian Simon Barnes has several connections with this painting, and I feel certain if Southampton were alive today, he would be patron of the wonderful plays that Simon wrote, and his book Darkly flows the Taff, which we are about to publish.

For up to date information on the progress of Simon’s book, read my blog, or go to Llandovery Theatre Face Book.

Darkly Flows the Taff – publication date for e-book and paper-back December 7th 2015. Obtainable from Amazon.

I am Horatio Nelson – theatre cat – and these are my thoughts – from my window-sill.  Thank you.


Horatio Nelson – Theatre Cat Thoughts from my window sill

May I introduce myself?

My name is Horatio Nelson, and I am a cat of great discernment and perspicacity .  My education, you see, has been both cultural and practical – for I have lived with actors and writers all my life.

To live in a Thespian household takes some skill – for artists are, at all times, changeable, challenging, wild and eccentric by turns, and it takes some skill to differentiate between an actual dispute in the household or a mere rehearsal of a scene from a play.

I observe all from my window sill, which I share with a radio.  I am told this is digital, which means it only works in my special window, so I have had the experience of listening to many concerts, talks and plays, and believe I am quite an expert in identifying rivetting dialogue and story line.

So, in this belief, I wish to announce the launch and publication of a brilliant novel that is about to leap into an é-book and paper-back at one and the same  time.  Written by SIMON BARNES. (one of my Thespians)  it is called:

DARKLY FLOWS THE TAFF.  Set in 1986,  is a  wickedly comic tale of the mis-adventures of an ‘innocent’ – a young man sent to investigate a murder in the mountains of Wales.

I am honoured to have been asked to write the Foreword to DARKLY FLOWS THE TAFF, and feel confident my praise will lift it into the best-seller class – with your approval, of course.

Do follow the journey to publication with me, and go to Llandovery Theatre Face book, for we are all rooting for DARKLY FLOWS THE TAFF  – and over the next few weeks, we will be relating the obstacles overcome, the successes sustained, in the drive to launch of Simon’s book.