MEMORIES OF WAR – Dreams of Peace

On Stage at

SATURDAY 12th NOVEMBER 2017 at 7.30 p.m.

memories-of-war-for-the-postAn evening of poetry and song, to honour those who fought and experienced conflict, and left us their stories.

With the poetry of  George Wilson, A E Houseman,  the songs of Purcell, Joan Baez, George Butterworth, Brecht and Kurt Weill and personal memories of  childhood  in  war – reflecting on the First and Second World Wars and holding fast to a dream for a future of peace in all today’s theatres of conflict.


MEMORIES OF WAR…dreams of peace 

Performers included –
Beshlie Thorp, Janet Thomas,
Francesca Coles,  Nick Simons,
Gareth Coles,  Beverley McCartney
and Jacky Barnes.

Saturday 12th November, 2016

The below poem written by our Founder Jacqueline Barnes was performed at our ‘Memories of War’ evening tomorrow night at Llandovery Theatre.

Killed in Action

RAF Flying officer Stephen Percival Wilkins 12 January 1942 age 22
RAF Squadron Leader John Trevor Wilkins 1 March 1942 age 24

Every day, they would turn the page
of the Book of Remembrance.
She always knew the day
the page with their names would be open;
that would be the day
she visited the High Wycombe Library.

I watch her standing before the book.
Ten years since they were lost
Missing believed dead –
No known grave!
Only this book of grief
listing those who fell in World War Two –
her only children,
her two sons,
both pilots
both killed in action!

Sixty years on, and she long gone.
Who now left to honour them,
to turn to the page of the book
to remember their sacrifice
and hers?

Jacky Barnes
Llandovery Theatre, South Wales, SA20 0DQ
Memories of War, Dreams of Peace –
12 November 2016

The poem is was also displayed at High Wycombe Library, Bucks on the wall above their remembrance book on 11th and during Remembrance time.