From my window sill

Kind friends,

The adventures and misadventures of being a writer are numerous.  I know, because my Thespian writes books as well as plays and has just published her first novel, and we were expecting to receive the first shipment from the USA (that is where the book is printed).  We are given the date of arrival, and I am alert on my window sill to advise her when I hear the van arrive.  It was a long wait, a very long wait, and to tell the truth I was exhausted with watching and waiting, and the wait continued for the next four days – nothing arrived.  Where was her ‘child’ she kept asking!  4th day contact with USA revealed that the shipment was untraceable – lost!

Jacky was not best pleased.  She began to talk of hi-jack and that the Americans didn’t know where Wales was. and had probably sent her novel to Patagonia!  We were now to await another shipment, and I was back on my window sill as ‘look out’ while Jacky paced the house muttering unprintable oaths against all carriers of books. Clearly she was now convinced it was a conspiracy.  Maybe Donald Trump had issued an edict that all newly published books leaving the States should be scrutinised for any un-American dialogue!  A title with the words ‘vigil’ and ‘death’ and ‘innocence’ was probably the trigger for suspicion.  But the book is a ‘peace’ novel, and anti-war – and the title page has an image of an ivy crucifixion – (detail from Simon Barnes’ painting in the Theatre Art Gallery).  By now she was quite paranoid, and I had to give her a good talking to, advising patience.

Seven more days, and the second shipment arrived.  She greeted the carrier with some suspicion, but he was friendly enough, saying she was known to him as ‘the book lady’. Well that’s a new title for her for sure, though as she had never met this carrier before – it did seem strange to both of us!  However, we now have copies of  VIGIL FOR THE DEATH OF INNOCENCE and can confidently announce that it is available in paperback or as an ebook via Amazon, or via Jacky if you can get her to part with any of them.



Jaqueline Harrison Barnes 

HE was a soldier, had fought in wars, had killed, yet he had the gift of healing.
HE was a doctor, trained to heal, to save life yet failed in the one great test.

TWO MEN from different worlds, one black, one white, collide in a car crash.
At that precise moment, as their two lives are irrevocably intertwined,
the security cameras in the Tower of London, watching the Royal Regalia, show
an image of a circlet of thorns beside the Royal Crown – and start to send out to
the world, messages of love and pleas for peace that cannot be stopped.

A political adventure! A weak and bankrupt Government intent on unleashing the ‘dogs of war’ versus a small group of ‘innocents’ who cross their path with a miracle. 

Horatio Nelson says: please go to the Llandovery Theatre Facebook Page or Llandovery Theatre web page for all information on new writing and publications.


Celebration launch of the Theatre Memoir – “What Country Friends is This”

Dear Friends and Theatre lovers,

Lwcfit Coverlandovery Theatre Trustees and Actors are proud to announce the celebration launch and publication of the Theatre Memoir – WHAT COUNTRY FRIENDS IS THIS?  It tells of the theatrical adventures of Simon and Jacky Barnes, the building of the Llandovery Theatre and the 35 years of creative work produced here with children, community and professional actors.

The date:   Saturday September 17th

The time:   1.30 for 2 p.m.

The place: On stage at Llandovery Theatre
with the author Jacky Barnes and fellow Trustees 

If you have been part of the Llandovery Theatre Company, you are certain to find yourself in this Memoir; if you are new to our Town, and would like to hear our story, then Saturday, September 17th is the day for you to make your first visit and discover the past, the  present and the future of our lovely Theatre.

Contact us by email or via the Llandovery Theatre web site messages, and let us know if you would like to join us for the celebration, publication and launch of  What Country Friends is this?

I, as Theatre cat, have great hopes for the future success of this book and our beautiful Theatre, and look forward to meeting up with old friends, and welcoming many new ones.

Horatio Nelson  Theatre Cat


Seeking Past Members of the Llandovery Theatre Company

Dear Friends and Theatre Lovers,

Are you now, or have you ever been in a Llandovery Theatre Company youth, community or professional performance or drama workshop under the direction of Simon and Jacky Barnes – 1975 to 2006?

Were you one of the Llandovery Young Farmers who toured with us to Aberystwyth, through snow and blizzards to reach the Theatre for a performance of Dick Whittington just 3 minutes before curtain up?  Did you also act in Under Milk Wood and Oh What a Lovely War? Were you in the Roald Dahl Literacy and drama workshops in 1997/78? Did you perform in David Copperfield, The Old Curiosity Shop, Jane Eyre, Ring of Roses, The Pied Piper – at the Llandovery Theatre and Festivals?

Did you attend evening drama workshops with Simon and Jacky, and perform in numerous pantomimes, starting with a musical play Long Live Love? Did you perform in Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, The Taming of the Shrew?

Did you help us decorate the Art Gallery naming it The Anne Marie Griffiths Gallery? And most importantly, were you one of the workers who helped us build the theatre 1975 – 1996?

If you were any one of these amazing people, then you are most cordially invited to join us on Saturday September 17th, to help us launch the Theatre Memoir …

WHAT COUNTRY FRIENDS IS THIS? for you will almost certainly find you are included in this most remarkable Theatrical Journey.

I, Horatio Nelson, am myself part of WHAT COUNTRY FRIENDS IS THIS? and also responsible for writing the foreword to the book, so I am able to fully recommend this intriguing and fascinating tale – it is both a love story and a theatrical adventure.

Sincerely – Horatio Nelson

Thoughts from my window-sill!

Dear Friends and Theatre Lovers,

Our chief Thespian is away at present, gallivanting no doubt; so I am writing this entirely on my own. without her looking over my shoulder and trying to manoeuvre the mouse!

We have some splendid plans ahead.  We will be giving readings from Simon’s book: Darkly Flows the Taffand plan to record it.  The reader is James Parry Jones – ex Llandovery College scholar and he played Mercutio in our 1981 Youth Production of Romeo and Juliet, which  also performed at the Sherman Theatre Cardiff.

Then in September we will publish –What Country Friends is this? It is the Theatre memoir of Simon and Jacky Barnes, who founded and ran Llandovery Theatre together for 35 years.

Evening of November 12th.  We are producing a programme of poetry, song and performance Memories of War – timing it as a tribute to those who took part or experienced World War 1 and World War 2.

Do put this date in your diary!

And please remember that every last Friday in the month, the Heart Support Group meets at the Theatre, 2 – 4 p.m. in the coffee lounge,  As the song says: Anyone who has a heart – is welcome to join us.

I wish all a sunny summer, and may only lucky black cats cross your path!

Horatio Nelson, Theatre Cat.  

Theatre Cat supports the saving of the tiny hedgehog…

Dear Friends and poetry lovers,

I write, today, of poetry!  Sometimes, a poem can speak straight to the heart., and I found this poem – on my window-sill – and thought you might like to read it – it has no title!

This tiny creature –
living amongst leaves in the garden, wandered into the night – adventure seeking, looking for a life-time friend perhaps – something, indeed, all creatures need.

But, man is wild, and in the night rides his horse-power furious fast with lights ablaze that dazzle a slow moving creature, so it knows not which way to turn to escape death.

Someone tried to help – they wrote a booklet
so people could read how best to support and save these creatures from an early death.
But, a big mistake was made!

They wrote the booklet in English
and the powers that rule our lives and tell us what we must think and how we must speak refused to allow the distribution of this book from their National Parks – because this is Wales, and Assembly decrees:
Words writ on paper must be Bi-lingual
and in Welsh.

Better to suppress distribution of this English language booklet, than support the endeavour to save the lives of a threatened species –
the tiny hedgehog!

I puzzle again and again at the decisions of these politicians and search in vain for any signs of a heart!

Horatio Nelson – Thoughts from my window sill


Wonderful news: DARKLY FLOWS THE TAFF by Simon Barnes has been given ‘Royal assent!

Richard Booth, King of Hay, read Simon’s book at Christmas, then read it to his wife Hope. who is blind, and they both loved it.  Hope then wrote a splendid review of the book, and sent it to us – here it is:

‘I am blind, so my husband very kindly read this witty and amusing book to me.  Rupert Courtney Morgan is sent by his boss, the Head of the Department of Industrial Espionage, from London to Wales, to investigate the death of a colleague, who has been found dead in his car on the Brecon Beacons.  This is the first mission that Rupert has ever been sent on, so determined to succeed, he decides to emulate James Bond, but unfortunately has none of the gadgets or glamorous women to help him.  Sometimes I laughed out loud.

As the book develops he meets the Tafia (The Welsh Mafia) and members of the Arts Council for Wales who, as the book progresses, become increasingly ridiculous, greedy and malevolent.  Is there a message here? 

Will the SAS be able to help him?

I thoroughly recommend this light-hearted, humorous and well-written murder mystery, and very much hope it goes into an Audio Edition so that other blind people can enjoy it.  Hope Booth.

In addition, Richard Booth, King of Hay, has declared DARKLY FLOWS THE TAFF will be the ‘lead book’ at the King of Hay Bookshop in Castle Street, from now throughout the Spring and Summer, so will be an additional joy to visitors to the Hay-on-Wye famous bookshop town.

Our dream is now to produce the audio book of DARKLY FLOWS THE TAFF,  as Hope has suggested, so if you buy a copy of the paperback – you will not just be having a wonderful read, you will be giving us the means to get this audio produced.

As a cat with one eye only, it would make me very happy to hear Simon’s book being read, while I watch from my window-sill the Winter turn to Spring.

For more wonderful comments on the book, go to Llandovery Theatre web Page and Face Book. Happy reading, and may only lucky black cats cross your path.

Horatio Nelson, Theatre Cat.
Thoughts from my window-sill. 

Darkly Flows the Taff  is now available from The King of Hay Bookshop, Hay-on-Wye and from Amazon.

Horatio Nelson Theatre Cat – From my window sill.

Friends, I am having trouble with my Thespian!Horatio

Since the triumph of publishing Simon’s comic novel Darkly flows the Taff, and the exciting drama workshops she is currently directing – energy is now over-flowing in waves, towards me.

She says she wants ME to have voice lessons, to learn to speak her language.  If I would only learn to say ‘please’ or my name ‘Horatio Nelson’ she tells me, it would be so fantastic, and would bring so much attention to the theatre, and probably lift it out of penury.

I say – (in my language – after all Wales is bi-lingual country) – I say – she and Simon have existed on ‘penury’ quite happily for all the years of my life, why change?

It is a question of good communication – I tell her – I speak in my tongue, and she feeds me – (most of the time!)  In return, I listen to her stories and her plays, and make no adverse criticisms – that is the route to a perfect theatrical relationship – don’t you agree?

For stories about the creative work of Llandovery Theatre and the route to obtaining and reading Darkly flows the Taff  by Simon Barnes  – go to the Theatre Face Book and Web and read my blog, or go direct to Amazon.

Thank you, and a very happy 2016 to everyone!

Horatio Nelson – Theatre cat.

January 2016

Darkly Flows the Taff Published

AmazonTaffCoverTo all Actors, Artistes, Patrons and Friends of Llandovery Theatre
December 7th 2015

This is to announce that Simon Barnes comic novel DARKLY FLOWS THE TAFF  is published – as an e-book and in paper-back, and is obtainable from Amazon now.

The book – a satirical comedy thriller set in 1986 – pays homage to Hitchhiker’s Guide with a mix of Lucky Jim and James Bond (shaken but not stirred) and echoes a landscape as bizarre as Clochemerle.

Rupert Courtney Morgan, a young in-experienced ‘agent’ is sent to Wales to investigate the death of a government inspector, found dead on the Brecon Beacons – with a copy of Under Milk Wood,  and a deflated rugby ball by the body.

The culture of Wales is most emphatically rugby – it reigns supreme over all other arts and crafts, so here must be a clue!   Follow Rupert is his quest to unearth the truth and avoid death in:


Simon Barnes, Actor/Playwright, founded Llandovery Theatre, writing plays and directing professional and youth actors from 1976 until his death in 2006.  If he had survived his cancers; Monday, December 7th 2015 would be the 50th anniversary of his marriage to Jacky, so an auspicious day to launch his book.

For further information and totally unbiased editorial on the progress of Darkly Flows the Taff,  click here or go to the Theatre Facebook page.

 Horatio Nelson Theatre Cat
Thoughts from my window-sill!   

e-book £3.99  paperback £7.99
obtainable from AMAZON

Horatio Nelson Theatre Cat – A portrait!

Friends, actors, countrymen!

It has been suggested that you would like to see a picture of me – Horatio Nelson – Llandovery Theatre Cat, so here it is!

Horatio in the tower of London

Horatio in the tower of London

Let me explain my portrait.  It may look ancient – indeed the gentleman portrayed beside me was Earl of Southampton in 1603, but this is a copy painted in 2003 by Simon Barnes, my thespian, and in Simon’s copy shown here, I am the cat on the window-sill.

You will note it can be no cat but me!  I am a cat with one eye only, my right eye is blind, an accident at birth!   But, if you are fortunate to have sharp eyesight, you will see in the far corner of the painting, a picture of a little town, and its theatre, our Theatre in Llandovery, not the somewhat depressing picture of the Tower of London which was on the original!

The copy was made for the Theatre Youth Actors film production of The Taming of the Shrew, by William Shakespeare, and it is the gentleman in my portrait who was patron of William Shakespeare – and also another poet named Barnabe Barnes.

So you see, my thespian Simon Barnes has several connections with this painting, and I feel certain if Southampton were alive today, he would be patron of the wonderful plays that Simon wrote, and his book Darkly flows the Taff, which we are about to publish.

For up to date information on the progress of Simon’s book, read my blog, or go to Llandovery Theatre Face Book.

Darkly Flows the Taff – publication date for e-book and paper-back December 7th 2015. Obtainable from Amazon.

I am Horatio Nelson – theatre cat – and these are my thoughts – from my window-sill.  Thank you.


Horatio Nelson – Theatre Cat Thoughts from my window sill

May I introduce myself?

My name is Horatio Nelson, and I am a cat of great discernment and perspicacity .  My education, you see, has been both cultural and practical – for I have lived with actors and writers all my life.

To live in a Thespian household takes some skill – for artists are, at all times, changeable, challenging, wild and eccentric by turns, and it takes some skill to differentiate between an actual dispute in the household or a mere rehearsal of a scene from a play.

I observe all from my window sill, which I share with a radio.  I am told this is digital, which means it only works in my special window, so I have had the experience of listening to many concerts, talks and plays, and believe I am quite an expert in identifying rivetting dialogue and story line.

So, in this belief, I wish to announce the launch and publication of a brilliant novel that is about to leap into an é-book and paper-back at one and the same  time.  Written by SIMON BARNES. (one of my Thespians)  it is called:

DARKLY FLOWS THE TAFF.  Set in 1986,  is a  wickedly comic tale of the mis-adventures of an ‘innocent’ – a young man sent to investigate a murder in the mountains of Wales.

I am honoured to have been asked to write the Foreword to DARKLY FLOWS THE TAFF, and feel confident my praise will lift it into the best-seller class – with your approval, of course.

Do follow the journey to publication with me, and go to Llandovery Theatre Face book, for we are all rooting for DARKLY FLOWS THE TAFF  – and over the next few weeks, we will be relating the obstacles overcome, the successes sustained, in the drive to launch of Simon’s book.