Poem for Mike Hughes

You never said goodbye
Not this time, nor any time;
You first plunged into my life so early on
You stayed awhile, not long, and then you fled again.
Throughout the years you would re-appear
Like some wil-o-the-wisp
Bouncing into our lives and then
Without warning – you would be gone again.
We were like children
Treading the boards of real life
With alternate joy and apprehension
Shaping our dreams, daring to be brave,
Doubting our skills, yet holding hands to steady ourselves.
Still, you were a mystery to me
For out of a joyous day, suddenly
Anger could rise, confusion, mayhem
And in a moment you would turn and be gone again.
So many times, so many comings and goings over so many years
But you never said goodbye, it was not your way.
You were intermittently a part of my story
And that still carries on –
So, no goodbye today, my friend,
No goodbye today!


Jacky Harrison Barnes  6 January 2013.